Hello all,

Just wanted to provide a quick update on some research that I’m working on. There’s been quite a bit of coverage in the media on various types of cloud solutions, from Infrastructure to platforms and also applications that sit on the cloud. While I’ve written extensively about Applications and Infrastructure, I realized that there would be value in posting some information about what’s hot and hype with Platform Services delivery from a recent consulting engagement.

Your friendly chimp recently completed a strategic analysis for a multinational client who is looking to get into the cloud. It was a very exciting summer, traveling to various countries to meet my client and evaluating various technology solutions that would compliment the client’s existing competencies and systems. ┬áIn upcoming weeks, I will be sharing some of my research with you, my fellow simian readers. Some of the articles I intend to post:

Market Analysis – How are existing providers in the market delivering their products and how they plan to differentiate their solutions. More importantly, how are these solutions influenced by consumer behavior?

Launching a Cloud Service – What does is take to start a new business? I use a few tools that help budding entrepreneurs to devise a winning strategy in minutes, using real-world experience and the application of valuable frameworks.

Till then, your friendly Chimp looks forward to interacting with you all again! Ook

RoadChimp out.