Hello my banana loving legions of tech-loving simians. ook!

Roadchimp here, back on the road (Istanbul). Since my last post, I’ve left the sunny English Isles, traveled around Asia for the summer and now on my way to Eastern Europe to deliver some workshops for a dynamic and forward thinking client.

I’ll be moving back to my beloved big apple in a few weeks and will be putting up more content on the site.

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you guys for all the wonderful comments and feedback. This has been an amazing and transformative year for me and I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity to share my work with you. Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Monkey like!

Note: I know that some of my design guides are in need of updating. The fact is that a lot of these docs were put up while Exchange 2013 was still in Beta, so assumptions needed to be made, especially along the side of server sizing.

Note 2: I’ve extended my repertoire since founding a cloud-based startup with a few friends in London, so expect more posts on the cloud.