Hi all,

I took the Exchange 70-342 exam – Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 while it was still in Beta in November 2012 and there weren’t many resources available for assist us with preparation, so I ended up reading through most of Technet.

As a friendly sort of chimp, I decided that many of you guys out there would be able to benefit from some short summarized info docs explaining the various features, components and commands for the knowledge areas tested in Exchange 2013. So here’s what I’ve done, I’ve posted up a number of short articles, called Road Chimp’s Exchange 2013 Briefs.

You can reach them at the menu section on the top of this blog. I’ve also decided to post links below. Put a like on this post if you’ve found it useful. 🙂

1. Exchange Unified Messaging
2. Site Resilience
3. Information Rights Management
4. Mailbox and Administrative Auditing
5. In-Place Archiving
6. Data Loss Prevention
7. Message Records Management
8. In-place eDiscovery
9. In-place Hold
10. Coexistence with Exchange Online (Hybrid)
11. Coexistence with Legacy Systems
12. Cross-Forest Coexistence
13. Exchange Federation