I’ve decided to put up all of my PMP training materials online for free. That’s right, absolutely nothing. Before you start asking me … is there a catch, oh Road Chimp? Let me preface by saying absolutely NO. N. O.  No!  Can’t someone share their knowledge for the pure love of the subject matter? I am successful and have a great career and this came about because many people helped me along the way.. so let’s just say that I’m just passing on some of that good karma. 🙂

Over the past decade, the Road Chimp has swung around from vine to vine, teaching over 1000 adult learners in North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. My success rates are phenomenal, over 80% of the people taking my classes have passed the exam. But honestly, that’s not really so difficult, because the PMP exam itself is not designed to be extremely confusing or tricky. All you need is to invest the time to study the material and remember this ONE IMPORTANT THING:

The PMP exam is about ‘One way’ of approaching project management. It’s not the only way of managing projects and most certainly a lot of exam candidates might have used different processes and methodologies to successfully manage projects. The PMP is based on a Standard known as the PMBOK, which was derived from Industry Best Practices. As practices change, then the PMBOK must also change. In fact the PMBOK goes through a refreshment cycle once every 3 or so years, ensuring that the PMBOK continues to reflect industry best practices for managing projects.

The problem that many PMP exam candidates have is that they tend to instinctively draw upon their own experience when answering a question and while their approach may not necessarily be the wrong one towards approaching a particular problem or situation in real life, it’s just not the standardized process that is prescribed in the PMBOK.

This is the one biggest problem that exam candidates have. They’re trying to answer the exam using their own personal experience and not asking themselves, ‘How would I solve this problem according to the PMBOK?’

So if you can understand this simple paradigm, and constantly approach the exam as you would by directing your efforts towards studying for the PMP exam, then you will be okay!

Okay, so let’s get some housekeeping matters in order before I start sharing all my knowledge and materials with you guys.

Road Chimp’s rules of the road:

  1. Exam questions: There are a number of sites online that provide practice exam questions. I don’t provide any here, but will be very happy to post some links that I like.
  2. Frequency of posts: I will endeavor to get as much of my material online as fast as possible. I’m constrained by work and travel, so I apologize in advance if I can’t get my material up fast enough.
  3. Copyright: All the material posted here is created by me. I’m happy if you share this, in fact nothing would make me happier. I only ask that you not reproduce this and sell it to other people. That wouldn’t be cool as this work took me close to ten years to produce.
  4. Errors and updates: The PMBOK is constantly being updated, and so I will try to keep my posts current. If you see something that is inaccurate, please let me know, and I will do my best to fix the errors.

Okay, that’s enough rules. Ook! I will start my next post with a list of contents. Feel free to email me if you’d like more specific information or requests. I’m really happy to get your comments, as it helps me more than you know.

So let’s begin this journey together! Ook. 🙂

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