In an earlier post, I mentioned my reasons for wanting to post my courseware online for free. This material has been developed over 10 years of teaching the PMP course and it’s helped over a thousand exam candidates to pass the PMP certification exam. I hope that you can use this too!

So let’s start this PMP certification journey together! The first thing is to organize our thoughts. So therefore, I’ve decided to put up an Index Page here that references the posts  and links on this site.

  1. What is the PMP?
  2. PMP Exam Application Tips (Must read)
  3. About the PMP Exam
  4. The Project Management Framework
  5. Project Management Processes
  6. Overview of Knowledge Areas – House Analogy
  7. Knowledge Areas: Project Integration Management
  8. Knowledge Areas: Project Scope Management
  9. Knowledge Areas: Project Time Management
  10. Knowledge Areas: Project Cost Management
  11. Knowledge Areas: Project Quality Management
  12. Knowledge Areas: Project Human Resources Management
  13. Knowledge Areas: Project Communications Management
  14. Knowledge Areas: Project Risk Management
  15. Knowledge Areas: Project Procurement Management

These posts might take a bit of time, but please feel free to put up your comments if you have any questions or requests. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible!

Ook, Road Chimp.