Hi all! The thought hit me that Exchange has become such a massive beast that it can be extremely daunting for someone to pick up the technology from scratch.

So I’ve decided to put together a compilation of Exchange Briefs: short documents that contain a basic summary of a specific component/feature of Exchange and some links to resources and beyond.

I’ll try to standardize the format of each brief:

  • Executive Overview
  • Architecture/Components
  • Notable Features
  • Common Administrative Tasks
  • Top PowerShell Commands/Tools:
  • References/Links

List of Briefs
This list will probably change and once I post a brief, I will link to it from here.

1. Exchange Unified Messaging
2. Site Resilience
3. Information Rights Management
4. Mailbox and Administrative Auditing
5. In-Place Archiving
6. Data Loss Prevention
7. Message Records Management
8. In-place eDiscovery
9. In-place Hold
10. Coexistence with Exchange Online (Hybrid)
11. Coexistence with Legacy Systems
12. Cross-Forest Coexistence
13. Exchange Federation

This project might take a while, so please drop some comments or requests and  I will try to get to them!

Chimp’s Update: I’ve uploaded all of the Exchange 2013 components for Messaging and Compliance, numbered 3-9.

Ook… Road Chimp